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Ad Specifications

Web App Banner Ads
(Platinum - Silver Sponsors)
Type Dimensions Retina Dimensions
Leaderboard 650x100px 1300x200px
  • Static file size and type: 200KB max GIF/JPEG/PNG at 72 DPI.
    • TinyPNG.com is a free resource to compress images without noticeable quality loss
  • HTML5 file size: 200KB initial load. For additional HTML5 ad specifications click here.
    • HTML5 Banner Ads must be responsive. The dimensions above are the max-width, but the ad must be able to resize to 100% of the screen size on smaller screens.
  • Retina Dimensions: This size is requested as a secondary creative to enhance the banner ad quality on retina-capable screens. This creative size is not required but is encouraged. Retina dimension file sizes can be up to 400KB.
  • Click here for General Ad Requirements.
  • To submit banners, questions or request more information, contact our team at aecos@avenuelive.com

General Requirements

  • Ads must spawn a new window for the landing page when clicked on.
  • Rapid animating, blinking and/or flashing ads are not accepted. AECOS reserves the right to reject and/or revise ads that do not adhere to this spec.
  • Ads cannot spawn a download prompt nor download anything on page load, mouse-over or on click - must go to landing page first where a download prompt may be allowed - if user chooses no or closes the download prompt, they cannot be prompted again
  • Animation length: 15 seconds max
  • Any ads with white edges need to include a 1px #cccccc border
  • As of 10/1/15 we no longer accept flash files since this file type is not supported by most web browsers.

HTML5 Advertising Specifications

HTML5 Banner Ads
  • All HTML5 recommendations are supported, including CSS, JavaScript, and corresponding JS frameworks (e.g. jQuery and Create.js).
  • Produce the ad as if it were its own web page, including an index.html file with relative links to assets in an accompanying folder, and with network independence. ClickTAGs linking to external pages are acceptable, but all graphical assets must be self-contained.
  • Each folder must include a static Default Image named default.x, where x is the file extension, to be served in the event of defaulted code.
  • Place index file and assets in a folder and send under .ZIP compression.
  • Ads must be SSL-ready (AECOS does not guarantee that the site on which the ad is served is SSL-secured).
  • Accepted file types for graphical assets include:
    • Images
      • File types: GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG
      • Default Image (static image served in case of defaulted code): GIF, JPEG, JPG
        NOTE: If using JavaScript, add the <noscript> element to the Default Image
  • Fonts may be included as an asset in the accompanying asset folder (AECOS reserves the right, with notice, to relegate any non-compliant fonts to standard web fonts).
  • File size limit: 200KB
    NOTE: Limit includes the default image, which must be no larger than 40KB
  • All ads must be served from a third party server. If you don't already have an ad server, contact aecos@avenuelive.com for support.
  • All banner ad creative is subject to approval by AECOS.
  • All ClickTAGs must be declared as variables in the index.html file.
  • No Flash/ActionScript code will be accepted, only HTML and JavaScript.
  • Use target=“_blank” in the <a> element of the ClickTAG’s URL to launch a new browser window or tab.
  • Example: <a href=ClickTAG-URL target=“_blank”> </a>