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Avenue Live elevates the experience

Over a decade ago, we noticed something when people meet: the audiovisual element greatly influences the attendee experience. After laboring through the disengaged-technician, old-gear industry did not appreciate the specific demands of high-end conferences, we started Avenue Live to challenge that experience. We share the meeting professional's obsession over elevating the experience at every attendee's every interaction with a meeting. Registration sites, digital marketing, apps, ARS, live streaming, recording, and production. Avenue Live goes Beyond AV.

Avenue Live is an event technology partner offering the meeting professional a customizable, budget-conscious AV solution. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Passionate people who will challenge and innovate alongside meeting professionals throughout all phases of event production

  • One-stop event technology, including projection, lighting, audio, audience response, our LiveMix presentation recording and streaming, and custom-built meeting web apps with onsite support

  • Agility, flexibility, and fun with our team of handpicked can-do experts

With a slate of meetings as diverse as it gets, Avenue Live's clientele benefits from the team's high-touch, positive approach to AV and beyond. Take a look at the following capabilities, and let's find a time in the next week to discuss our partnership either in-person or over the phone.

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Avenue Live

Innovation - Beyond AV

Case Study: Retina World Congress

All event technology, AV, and production from one source? Now that's innovative. Avenue Live prides itself on producing a seamless technology experience from pre-registration, to AV, to final evaluations. For example, Avenue Live produced the following–and more–for a program that proved instrumental in the advancement of knowledge among a specialized group of world-class surgeons: the inaugural Retina World Congress.

  • 3D concept art of General Session

  • 80-foot by 14-foot edge-blended projection screen with custom visual arrangements and graphics

  • Full HD signal flow, from program and image magnification (camera) feeds to edge-blended projection

  • Speaker-Ready resources including a gigabit-connected asset management server

  • Full ambient and stage lighting with lighting control

  • Avenue LiveMix recording (see below)

Gallery: Retina World Congress

Recent Work

From Prague to Honolulu, Canada to Cancun, meeting professionals rely on Avenue Live's technicians, equipment, and positive culture to elevate the attendee experience. Here's a sampling of recent work from the team. 

Gallery: Recent Work

Innovation Spotlight: Avenue LiveMix

Avenue Live's signature product, Avenue LiveMix, gives clients a multi-feed, live-switched composition of meeting assets. When LiveMix is delivered–be it instantly over a web broadcast via Avenue LiveStream or afterwards via a custom viewing portal–the viewers conveniently experience the speaker and presentation in one frame, synchronized, as if they were in the very room the event took place.

Avenue LiveMix ensures your program's timeless content is just that: timeless. Perpetuate the impact of the content with LiveMix. Click to learn more.

Avenue LiveMix ensures your program's timeless content is just that: timeless. Perpetuate the impact of the content with LiveMix. Click to learn more.