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Millennial Eye Live 2015 Case Study

September 24-27 2015 Hollywood CA

Millennial EYE is an all digital, app-based publication and online community targeting the future leaders in ophthalmology.

Avenue helped Millennial Eye produce its first live symposium in Austin, TX in 2014.  Building on that success, ME Live was moved to the W Hotel in Hollywood CA in 2015.  We designed a custom room with our privately owned equipment.

ME Live is a meeting that turns the "old guard" meeting standards and turns it on its head.  ME Live encourages attendees to use their phones, tablets and computers during the meeting and engage in the digital space via social media.  ME Live is still an engaging live event, with push-to-talk microphones for attendees to chime in during discussion.

Avenue's digital expertise shined during this meeting.  We placed over 40 iPads with our custom meeting app around the meeting room.  We gave a full tutorial on using the app at the beginning of the meeting using Apple Airplay.  One of the 50 invited faculty MD's presented via Skype in a seamless production.  

Prior to the event, Avenue managed the communication and collection of all presenting faculty's presentations.  Those who work better under pressure were able to submit on-site at our speaker-ready table.

ME Live wanted a Hollywood themed reception at the rooftop pool.  We 


Main Program

-presentation management of over 50 MD’s and their presentations

-“privately owned and managed equipment” there may be a better way to describe

-custom meeting app

-live walkthrough on how the app works via “apple airplay"

-placed 40 iPads with meeting app around the room

-PTT mics on tables for audience engagement.

-custom room design (lights, screens, furniture etc. there may be a better way to describe.)

-Wirecast of entire program (maybe brief description of what that is)

-multi-cam video recording of the presenters

-skyped in a presenter from Canada.  Had his image on screen and audio through the mix.

-ran multiple breakout sessions (detail what that looked like)

-TV Screens throughout exhibit area showing the day’s agenda & program news

-projected a “thank you” to happy hour sponsor in the exhibit area.

-event photographer on hand


-step and repeat for “red carpet” vibe

-set up extra lighting in cabanas to enhance the atmosphere for hair salon we brought in.

-sponsored photo booth for guests to have their photo taken inside.

-event photographer on hand